Show Rules

  1. No Field collected specimens are permitted.
  2. Plants must be placed on the show benches by 9:00 PM, Friday. No plants will be accepted for judging after that time, although we will have an area for non-judged, display plants.
  3. CCSS reserves the right to reject any plants that may be infected and/or suffering from infestation.
  4. All plants entered must have been in exhibitor’s possession for at least six (6) months prior to the show.
  5. An entry card must be completely filled out for each plant and placed with the plant. Please make sure exhibitor’s name does not show. If plant was windowsill grown or grown from seed please note CLEARLY on card. Give age of plant, if known.
  6. Exhibitors are asked not to be in show area during judging. A judge exhibiting a plant in any class is asked not to judge in that class.
Judging Scale
Condition 75 pts
Staging 20 pts
Nomenclature 5 pts