Cactus is a plant in case you are wondering. It is a member of a family known as Cactaceae. A cactus plant can be easily identified as a succulent plant with swollen stem and sharp spine which grows in various forms including a shrub, tree and sometimes as a vine. Hence, the question of how to trim a cactus plant comes to mind especially if it grows out in shape such that it is no longer desirable in appearance and hinders other plants thereby overcrowding them.

There are other several reasons why you may be looking out for how to trim a cactus. It could be root for new plants but whatever the reason might be knowing how to trim a cactus is a very good idea as it makes you prepared on what to expect and why such expectations happened. One other main reason for trimming a healthy looking cactus plant is to reduce their susceptibility to disease. Below describes how to trim a cactus:

  • Firstly, You have to cover yourself completely by wearing long sleeve shirts and pants with leather gloves and boots as the first step in how to trim a cactus plant because of the obvious reason which is the spines are dangerous. Hence, care should be taken before embarking on this process of trimming.
  • Those who know how to trim a cactus and have been doing so in a long while will highly recommend that you cover the ground of the cactus you want to trim with either an old newspaper or carpet to collect the small pieces of the plant for easy and safe disposal.
  • The next step on how to trim a cactus is to mix a solution consisting of one portion of household bleach to three parts of water and then submerge the blades of the tool you want to use to trim the cactus plant for about five minutes. After which the blades are left to dry for a while. The tool used should be sterilized as you trim form one cactus plant to another.
  • To prevent the stem from splitting, you need to know how to trim the cactus plant in a specific way by using a long-handled tong to grasp the cut pads while bringing them down gently in a controlled manner and making a clean cut few inches above the stem where the final cut will be made.
  • To trim a section of the cactus plant that is weak or discolored, the knobs should be cut off with either hand saw or garden lopper.
  • The trimmed pieces should be discarded carefully. The use of tools like shovel should be used to scoop and carry larger pieces of the trimmed parts of the cactus to the trash can while the newspaper or carpet used the collect the small pieces should also be carefully disposed of.
For some, the idea of knowing how to trim a cactus plant sounds like a bad joke of adventure as caution is needed and indeed the watchword is CAUTION! The trimming of a cactus plant is not a frequent task unless of course, there is a disease breakout or damage as the most cactus plant can go for years without trimming.