Can I cut down a saguaro in my yard? Yes, you can, but cutting down a saguaro without a permit from the government is prohibited. Interfering with this plant is compared to cutting down of trees which are always forbidden by the law. Now, can you have a thought on this anymore? This is not a fault you would like to make, but are you authorized to do so? Do you have an assent from the relevant authorities? if you take action of cutting saguaros without consent, be assured you will end up in jail for not less than 25 years.

Have you ever thought about this law? If you observe it in detail, you will note its relevance. Think of spending a maximum of 25 years in jail without having a glance at the bright sunny day in day out. While you could avoid such a mistake, some of us don’t see the outcomes. Defending yourself up is not the way. The judge could even throw that book at you if someone tries to speak in favor of you signaling to lock you up into jail. So, what do you opt for? What is the procedure of cutting down a saguaro? This is straightforward and simple. Just have the relevant documents.
However, these measures are not here to dismay you or so. The government of Arizona being strict to this law and making this law to stand purposely denotes to conserve our environment. In spite of this, saguaro cactus can’t be compared to other trees as well. It takes a very long time to grow. The saguaro plant grows in specific conditions especially in deserts and semi-arid areas. If these plants are conserved and taken care of, the lifespan prolongs. The estimation of their lifespan is between 150 years to 200 years. This is only achieved from the care put across their maintenance.
In each year, thousands of Arizona residents send questions through emails asking about either moving a saguaro cactus or cutting it. The Arizona Department of agriculture cautions its residents on this. The law requires one to first obtain a permit before taking such a decision. All native plants in Arizona are protected by this law. Furthermore, a permit fee charged is $7 plus $8. Once you obtain a permit, look for a nursery to buy your plant or relocate it to your preferred place. To get much information about the selling procedures, you can contact the office department in Tucson.
Now you have gotten much information regarding saguaro cactus. Basing on this data, you can conclude that such a mere and insignificant mistake can cost you in Arizona. This law is always taken as assertive by many but the main goal of the government is the conserve the natural existence of our plants. Don’t act against this law if you would like to save yourself but if otherwise you are caught or accused of doing so, then familiarize yourself with legal defense options to be on safe side.
Cut down a cactus in Arizona only if permitted by the law.