When the word Cactus weeds are mentioned, what comes to mind is, a plant known to be succulent with stem thick and fleshy that bears pines and without leaves. Cactus weeds are very common, especially in North America.

Cactus weeds have thick and waxy stems that can tolerate condition like drought which enables them to reproduce rapidly and even with ease. Not all weeds are desirable and the Cactus weeds plant is one such plant especially with the kind of spines they have which can injure pets and children. Hence the idea of having to walk behind string trimmer becomes an option once you see the plant growing in a yard.

There are several ways to get rid of Cactus weeds in a yard and the use of equipment like string trimmer has proven to be one of the many options available amongst other options to get rid of this type of plant.

The thought of getting rid of a Cactus weeds in a yard can be slightly time-consuming and challenging task to do. If not done correctly, the Cactus weeds plant can return to your yard and even likely spread to become yard filled with cacti. There are certain tips you can adapt to rid of Cactus weeds in a yard.

They are:

  1. Physical appearance before trying to get rid of any Cactus weeds plant in a yard should be considered. Unlike some other plant where you don’t have to bother about the way you have to look to get rid of them when they appear in a yard, Cactus weeds need to be considered with a different special attention for safety reasons which you can tell by the look of the plant itself even though you intend to walk behind string trimmer to get rid of it. This is because of the obvious reason which is the spine of the Cactus weeds plant itself. Hence, It is advisable to wear a long sleeve shirt and long
    trouser with considerable thickness and gardening boots to cover your feet and ankle.
  2. Cactus weeds size is also something that can not be overlooked especially the big-sized Cactus weeds plant. Before trying to walk behind string trimmer for removal, if the Cactus weeds is large, you can cut and reduce the size with either an axe or chainsaw to manageable pieces.
  3. It is advisable to walk behind string trimmer and then use a tool like a shovel or axe to dig under the soil until you find the root of the Cactus weeds after which the root should be uprooted and cut into pieces and placed in a box.
  4. To avoid the Cactus weeds plant that is being chopped off either by an axe/chain or having to walk behind string trimmer from re-growing, Place every cut piece in a box preferably rather than plastic bags as the pines could puncture the plastic bag and may rip.
  5. Ensure to check properly your clothes and gloves for any of the Cactus weeds spines. The use of objects like magnifying glass and tweezers can be used to remove any spine found.